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Thoughts on stories and atheism at 3:20am

It’s 3:20am and here we are, and here are my thoughts on ‘the greatest story ever told’, and why ‘atheism’ happens.

The GOD story is the biggest story, the greatest story, for many. The all seeing all powerful being who can be everywhere, see everything, speak to all people and all creatures at once—the perfect being.

Except, where’s the story in that? Where’s the story in an ultimate being with ultimate powers that can control everyone and everything?

If I try and work out what the story is, it doesn’t really make sense, particularly as it’s currently told—at least in Christianity. There are too many plot holes. And any storyteller knows that if there are too many plot holes people have trouble suspending their disbelief and get thrown out of the story. In the case of ultimate being stories we generally call these people, atheists.

So, here’s my thinking.

Plot hole 1 in the GOD story. There’s an ultimate being with ultimate powers.

Yep. And?

And nothing. They are the supreme maker of all things, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful.

Right… well, that’s not really a story, is it?

Yeah, sorry. Let’s try and make it into a story.

Plot hole 2. So, this ultimate being makes angels. Some angels rebel, the ultimate being kicks them out of the ultimate being’s haven.

Yeahhhhh-nup. Any ultimate being would know this was going to happen. And if they had ultimate powers they could just make it un-happen. Disbelief not suspended, and why make angels anyway?

Plot hole 3. The fallen angel becomes an all avenging being, out to wreak havoc.

Nup. Not plausible. Because, there’s an ultimate being with ultimate powers who can make anything happen, can control anyone and anything, blah blah. Disbelief not suspended.

Plot hole 4. The ultimate being makes people. They rebel (via the apple). They’re kicked out of the haven.

Yeah, that’s just the angel plot line all over again. Disbelief not suspended.

Plot hole 5. The ultimate being sends their own son to earth to spread the word.

Why? They’re the ultimate being with a direct line to everyone at once. They can just tell everyone and every creature what their wishes are directly. They don’t need a prophet/son to spread the word. They certainly don’t need religious institutions to do this. Disbelief not suspended.

Plot hole 6. The ultimate being makes other beings, but includes free will.

Hmmm, yes, that’s quite a good plot fix, other than the whole but the being is still all powerful and could just override free will thing. This also begs the question, why make them in the first place question. Why would a perfect being make imperfect things?

Plot hole 7. So, what about we try the old, ‘Ah yes, but who can truly know the mind of the ultimate being?’ plotline.

Simple answer, we all can, because the ultimate being is all powerful and could just tell us all what they’re thinking, override freewill and make us understand their thoughts in an instant. So, disbelief not suspended.

I mean, this isn’t just not the greatest story, it isn’t even really a good story, is it? As a matter of fact, the story of a supreme-all-powerful-seeing being who is perfect may really be the antithesis of a story.

Most stories revolve around a flaw/an imperfection in some way. But, how can this perfect being be flawed in any way? The greatest story ever told says that they aren’t. AND, not only that, scientists trying to explain the BIG BANG are struggling with the same plot hole. Why did the singularity suddenly explode? What was the flaw that unsettled everything, caused asymmetry?


Unless, this perfect, ultimate being can’t replicate itself. I mean, if they’re all powerful, all seeing blah blah then what need is there for any other? They’re perfectly contained, a singularity, in perfect symmetry, right?

But what if they tried?

But why would a perfect being try?

Maybe they were lonely.

Is that a flaw? Can perfect, all powerful beings be lonely?


I guess it gives us a story. One lonely, perfect, singular being who can’t replicate itself, but tries.


And that’s what goes through my head when I wake up at 3:20am.

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