#MyWritingProcess Blog Tour

So, @FreyaWriter asked me to share some thoughts for the #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour. Since I’m a little caught up over at Tiny Owl Workshop at the moment finding time to write is a challenge. But, I thought I’d give it a go and answer the four questions.

What are you working on right now?

I’m reading through a tonne of short stories submitted for the Unfettered project and trying to pull together the website for a project called The Lane of Unusual Traders. Storywise, I’m working on a short story called The Child in the Garden. It’s a ‘Woman in Black’ style story about a young WW2 soldier dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. I’m also editing a manuscript called The Krampus Road (a story of a girl caught on an eerie road) and pulling together research notes for a story called Shade and Grim (a story about a cursed police officer).

How does your work differ from that of other writers in your genre?

I guess every writer has a unique voice, experiences and interests, so that’s what sets us apart from each other. We all pull stories together in unique ways. I was born in England and moved to Australia when I was eight. Australia is full of immigrants like me, but I do tend to draw on that experience of being pulled from one place (and friends, family and the familiar) and pushed into another. Kids don’t really have any control over decisions like ‘shall we move to another country’ so I think those kind of experiences come through in my writing – I write about people on the outer, or caught between worlds.

Why do you write what you do?

Hmm, I might have answered this a little in the last question, but, to be honest, I don’t know. I just write the stories that start to form in my head, or that appear on the page. I don’t really have a particular audience in mind, so I’m writing for myself in the first instance, and I do write to amuse myself quite a bit.

I also think that people are hardwired for stories. Our brains seem utterly oriented to trying to make patterns out of all the info we take in, so it would be a bit strange if we didn’t write or tell stories I suppose – it’s how we make meaning.

How does your writing process work?

I’m a pantser. I write the story as a go along and jot down plot notes for other chapters as I go. When I’ve completed the first draft I just start the process of rewriting. It’s quite a laborious way of writing really, and I wish I was much more of a plotter: but I’m not. I love being surprised along the way, and I have gotten better at getting out of my own way and letting the story flow (I think).

Because I work fulltime I write in the morning before work. It can get a little frustrating constantly pulling myself out of stories to go and earn $$$, but there are harder things in life.

 I haven’t asked anyone to take up the #MyWritingProcess challenge yet, but I will. It’s been great to read about other writers and their process.

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